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Education and STI (science, technology and innovation) drive development. How well developing countries in Africa appropriate education and STI to improve the wellbeing of their citizenry and to satisfy human wants and aspirations is an issue to confer on, especially for a continent with very sluggish general rate of development. World Health Organisation (2015) life expectancy statistics for 2013 for 222 countries in the world show that topmost African countries were  Algeria (60th position, with 75.6 years), 
Mauritius (77th, with 74.6 years) and Morocco (83rd, with 74.3 years). African countries occupy the lowest rungs from 181st position (Mauritania, 60.4 years) to the last (Angola, 38.2 years).The performance of African countries is far below global average of 71 years for 2010-2013. Life expectancy is average number of years a person is expected to live if mortality rate remained constant, and it reflects the quality of healthcare  ICESTIDA 2018 will gather about 300 scholars and development practitioners
to confer on development way-forward for Africa.
Abstracts (200 words) are invited from scholars, practitioners and researchers on any one or more of the underlisted tracks for consideration for presentation at the conference. 
Track 1: Education policies and practices in
sustainable development in Africa.
Track 2: Appropriate education technology and
development in Africa.
Track 3: ICT and human capital development in
Track 4: ICT in natural resource exploitation in Africa.
Track 5:Brain-gain in development of Africa.
Track 6:The Diaspora and informal sector development in Africa.
Track 7: Migration in African development.  
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