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WIPRO INTERNATIONAL Publishes Journals, Books and Articles.

The electronic copies of the journals can be downloaded free from this website, while the printed copies of the journal are sold online and at WIPRO office. Online purchases are subject to delivery cost.

Our books are available as electronic and printed copies.

Send your order for the printed or electronic copies of the books plus the delivery cost for either Nigeria or foreign address to The url of the electronic copy is sent to you while printed copies are dispatched within 48 hours of receipt of order.

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Nigerian Address : N3500
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1 Development Scientology: Science, Technology, Energy, Natural Resources and Development – Nigeria’s Perspectives introduces readers to science, technology, energy and natural resources in development in a simple language, with emphasis on Nigeria.
2   Poverty, gender, children and development: Basic readings for tertiary institutions is a reflection on the Nigeria’s perspective of women marginalisation as well as child abuse, neglect, labour and trafficking amidst widening and biting poverty of money, power and access.


A Tear for the Nigerian Child of 1990s is an attempt to conscientize the society and expose the ugly side of the society towards children.  Quotations, information and research results on various aspects of child rights and child rights infringement are pieced together in a Mosaic manner to let a strong advocacy for children emerge. The situation of Nigerian child is precarious. Governemnt and people are not serious about immunisation, curbing exploitative child labour, provision of basic amenities receives only lip service, a united  children law revised to accommodate the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the OAU Charter on the Rights &  Welfare of the African Child is yet to receive government endorsement.
4    Small & Medium Enterprises in Southeast Nigeria – Problems & Solutions highlights the most salient problems that face the SMEs sector in Southeastern states in particular and Nigeria in general.
5 Studies on Methods and Analyses of Vegetation succinctly deals in comprehensible language different methods (both qualitative and quantitative) used in describing Vegetation and covers different types of ecosystem, both terrestrial and aquatic. The choice of relevant local illustrations. It is very useful to botanists, teachers and students of Plant Ecology. Postgraduates and researchers in vegetation ecology will find the sections on Association, Pattern and Ordination very valuable.
6 Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry is a comprehensive text for tertiary educational institutions of learning. It adopts the IUPAC system of nomenclature.
7 Essentials of Environmental Chemistry is a welcome and timely contribution to the intellectual and practical resources and tools needed to foster an understanding of Environmental Chemistry and its linkage to human activities and development. It is written by experienced practitioners whose vantage viewpoint from the industrial perspective makes the treatise superior to most of the existing texts in this domain. The accounts of the causative factors in environmental degradation and the methodologies for containing this threat to human existence are factual; the prescriptions are based on proven science, while the overall thrust of the book is analytical, clearly emphasizing the multidisciplinary context of the subject, while periscoping the role of Government in developing policies that will regulate industrial activities to ensure best practices that accord with sustainability of the environment. The linkage between the environment and the reality of the climate change with its impact on the spectrum of human activities is an advantage that this book has over others currently in use. Consequently, the book is invaluable to a variety of people tertiary students through teachers to researchers concerned with environnmental issues on the environment.
8 Sustainable Human Development
Review (SHDR)
publishes research
papers, reviews and short
communications in all areas
of sustainable development.
9 Journal of Applied Sciences and Development (JASD) publishes research papers, reviews and short communications in all areas of applied natural sciences and development N1,500
10 Technoscience Review (TR)  publishes research papers, reviews and short communications in all areas of natural science and technology. N1,500
11 Emotional Intelligence and Productivity in Nigerian Petroleum Sector is a study on petroleum - the mainstay of 
Nigerian economy - is desirable and 
important. This study sought the influence
of Emotional Intelligence (EI) on 
Productivity in Nigerian Petroleum Sector. 
Regression and Chi-Square statistical tools
were used to analyze primary data elicited 
from three major oil companies operating in
Nigeria. Results showed that EI had positive
influence on employee behaviour, 
productivity, harmonious organisational
resource acquisition, and strategic 
constituency satisfaction.