1. A Tear for the Nigeria Child of 1990s" captures Nigeria's child-unfriendly environment of the 90's - ironically the Decade of the African Child. It is a must for government officials, lawmakers, parents, opinion moulders, community/religious leaders, civil society organizations and child project donor agencies.
  2. "AIDS Pandemic: Emergency In Africa! Another World War!!" captures the devastating scourge of an unrelenting world health calamity that is simply an emergency in Africa and comparable to a world war. The second edition is a revised, updated and enlarged version of the first edition.
  3. "Welfare and Industrial Companion - A Production Management Manual for Home, Farm & Industry" contains production recipes on 20 chemicals/soaps. 16 cosmetics/pharmaceutical and 40 foods/drinks, as well as description of 5 livestock, agronomy of 8 crops and business management principles.
  4. "Soap & Soap-Kindred Products Industries" is a comprehensive description of the process, quality control and industrial layout of most soap and soap-related products. It is for alleviation of poverty through creation of self-employment opportunities for the unemployed and retiring workers, and a handbook for industrialists.
  5. "A Guide for the Paint Maker" - concise and simplified facts of paint-making imperative for students of paints and related subjects, paint-makers and marketers.
  6. "Most Enterprising Project Digest" is a journal that deals with different industrial topics/projects, e.g. Poultry Farming Techniques and Poultry Feeds Recipe.
  7. "Small And Medium Enterprises In South-East Nigeria - Problems & Solutions " identifies 93 problems (and proffers solutions) of infrastructures (14), incentives (14), personal traits (30), manpower development (13), HIV AIDS (15) and political social factors (7) that militate against the establishment, survival and growth of Small and Medium Enterprises in South-east. "Nigeria's Home of Business Minds. " It is a handy companion for investors and researchers, and a valuable guide for the government and policy makers.