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Human capital, as the number of persons with the skills, education and experience required for economic and political development of a country, is a critical factor of production in every country.
 As the stock of competencies, knowledge and personality attributes embodied in the ability to perform labour for the production of economic values, it is the set of skills a worker acquires on the job and through training, education and study, experience or apprenticeship, and which increases his value in the marketplace. Of the 188 countries assessed for human development index (HDI) in
2015, African countries occupied the lowest rungs. Only Mauritius and Sychelles could make it to the 90th and 93rd positions respectively. 
Against the backdrop of Africa's sluggish economic and political development, human capital formation, development and management in Africa will be the focus of the International Conference on Human Capital and Development in Africa [ICHCADIA, 2018] to be held in the coal-city of Enugu, Nigeria on 14th August 2018. 
How does the sluggish rate of development in Africa with the concomitant poor performance in HDI relate to the  population, natural endowment, human capital formation, development, management, length of period of independence and the colonial master?
1. Factors responsible for sluggish economic and        political development and poor HDI performance
    in Africa.
2. Population and its growth rates and
    development in African countries
3. Natural resource endowment and development
    in African countries
4. Human capital (formation, development and
    management) and development in Africa
5. Colonialism and neo-colonialism and
    development in Africa
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